The New Masterhouse

 | Posted by Joel Weinmaster

The new Masterhouse website is here. The first Masterhouse website was launched in 1998 and 16 years later we’re still here, building websites.

Let me introduce you to our new services:



We is partnered with an amazing team from Costa Rica who has a team of over 20 people dedicated to designing and developing WordPress websites. Masterhouse will build you website that makes sense for your company’s needs.
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We will work with you to find a winning strategy for your product primarily using Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Social Media and other organic marketing strategies. We have hired Samantha Collier, a well-known social media expert. She will be overseeing all of our organic marketing strategies and social media.
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For more extensive applications, E-Commerce and mobile app development: We have a team of seven, Vancouver local, enterprise level programmers that work out of our Yaletown office. If you have an idea for an application, we can build it for you.
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Thanks for reading!

Joel Weinmaster | Strategist

Masterhouse Media

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